Hush Earplugs Let You Block Out Noise Without Missing Your Alarm

Posted On Thu, November 20, 2014 By

Posted On Thu, November 20, 2014 By In Technology

Does your roommate insist on slamming the doors at all hours of the night? Do you have an upstairs neighbor who decides to practice tap dancing at 3am? Whatever your noisy apartment horror story may be, there’s a common conundrum we encounter when trying to block out the racket: how to wear earplugs but not miss the alarm.

A group of engineers must have heard about our sleep-deprived woes because they’ve created Hush, earplugs that connect wirelessly to a smartphone, so users can hear the sounds they need to while blocking out the rest. Plus, they can play white noise, ocean waves, or a crackling fire if you need some soothing sounds to get you to sleep. And the charging dock doubles as a carrying case and phone charger (what can’t these earplugs do?).

Hush earplugs, smart earplugs, 3D printing

The trio of engineers (all named Daniel, coincidentally), say they tested almost every foam earplug on the market and then 3D printed hundreds of prototypes to arrive at the ideal design that would fit most ears and be comfortable while sleeping. Since Hush needs to stay operable through an entire sleep cycle, the designers used Bluetooth Low Energy and locally stored audio files to extend the battery life for over ten hours. And it can charge your phone while you sleep, too.

Hush earplugs, smart earplugs, 3D printing

Hush, “the world’s first smart earplugs,” is being funded through Kickstarter, but the project has already surpassed its $100,000 goal with 32 days left. They’ll retail for $150 starting in mid 2015, but a $99 Kickstarter pledge will get you a pair for $99. We can hear the silence now…

To learn more about Hush watch the video below.

[Via Brick Underground]

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Images via Hush

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