Geek Out with Fabio Novembre’s Cyborg-Shaped ROBOX Shelf

May 6, 2014

Geek culture has steadily been on the rise, with television shows like The Big Bang Theory and high-profile remakes of Star Trek stealing the pop culture limelight. Now, sci-fi lovers can deck out their homes with the ROBOX, a cyborg-shaped shelf designed by Fabio Novembre.

To form the sleek, storage-friendly automaton, Novembre mixes and matches boxes of assorted shapes, including a bright red square that fits snugly into the area where the human heart usually sits.

While its robot form may nod to all things high-tech and futuristic, the origins of Novembre’s design is a little more nostalgic. The Italian designer credits childhood cartoons like Mazinga and Transformers as his inspiration and calls the ROBOX a pre-digital space to store memories.

Images courtesy of Fabio Novembre; others courtesy of Casa Mania 

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