François Azambourg’s Sputnik Lamp is Truly Out of This World

June 19, 2014

When a tiny satellite named Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957, it quickly triggered a “Space Race” between the Russian republic and the United States. While François Azambourg’s nifty lamp — named after the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth — may not start any international rivalries, it certainly is eye-catching.

The award-winning, Paris-based designer prides himself in crafting objects that are noticeably simple and light, while still utilizing modern techniques and applications. Many of his pieces, like metal-foam chairs and fiber optic lamps, straddle the line between delicate and industrial.

Azambourg’s style shines through strongly in his Sputnik lamp, which looks like it could easily float away. The frame is made from poplar plywood that’s been laser-cut to three millimeters thick; Azambourg then hand-wraps the entire structure with stretched polyester and inserts an LED ribbon light source to finish the lamp.

Check out more of Azambourg’s designs in our gallery below and on his website.

Images © Fillioux & Fillioux

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