Heat Wave

July 26, 2023

8 ways to stay cool (and safe) during NYC’s heat wave

Another heat wave is here. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for New York City starting this week, with temperatures expected to reach over 90 degrees. Staying cool on a hot day is no joke, as heat contributes to the deaths of roughly 350 New Yorkers each year. Ahead, find some ways to beat the heat, from taking a swim in one of the city's free outdoor pools to running through spray showers and sprinklers at your local park.
Beat the heat
July 19, 2022

During NYC’s heat wave, find a cooling center near you

With the heat index possibly hitting 100 degrees several days this week, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for New York City through Sunday. An advisory is issued when the combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like it is 95 to 99 degrees for two or more days in a row or 100 to 104 degrees for any length of time. To keep New Yorkers safe from excessive heat, the city opened hundreds of cooling centers across the five boroughs on Tuesday. With this interactive map, you can find all of the air-conditioned public facilities in your neighborhood (and which ones accept your furry friends).
Here's how to beat the heat
July 19, 2019

As this weekend’s heat wave sweeps over the city, here are some ways to beat the heat

After a toasty week, the city's first heatwave of the year is about to get even hotter, with Friday’s expected heat index reaching 98 degrees and as high as 109 degrees over the weekend. The city is taking precautions to keep residents safe as the temperatures continue to heat up. Mayor Bill de Blasio declared an official heat emergency and directed office buildings and residents to set their AC to 78 degrees in order to prevent another power outage. The city's annual Triathlon, originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, was just canceled for the first time in its history. While the best advice is still to stay indoors as much as possible, out of the sun, and well hydrated, there are some ways to beat the heat in the city, all for free.
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July 16, 2019

Con Ed warns of potential blackouts from impending NYC heat wave

The most recent intel on Saturday's power outage that left the country's densest urban area dark from 72nd Street south to 30th Street is that a burning 13,000-volt cable at a substation near West 65th Street was the culprit, according to the New York Times. Consolidated Edison said Monday that the burning cable shut down the flow of electricity to more than 72,000 Midtown Manhattan customers. And while the blackout wasn't a direct result of an overtaxed grid, the New York Post reports, Con Ed warned Monday that mind-melting temperatures in the 90s expected this weekend–Saturday's 97 degrees will feel like 106–could lead to service outages.
What havoc will the heat wreak