Combine Work Time and Playtime with CATable

April 25, 2014

Cats are fickle. They need attention only when they want it, and that’s usually when you’re working. Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture has an answer for those moments when your cat leaps onto your computer while you’re working and one little paw happens to stomp on the ‘Delete’ button.

Hand carved for a seamless touch, the CATable allows for fun and play for both you and Kitty. As your cat meanders through the maze-like tunnels and crannies in the desk, you can work happily on the tabletop.

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A groove at the base of the table allows for plenty of legroom and the desk features angled legs, stained in a deeper hue for contrast and a striking setting in an office. The holes and openings will draw cats in and also gives you a chance to take a break and play with your feline friend as you procrastinate on the day’s work ahead.

More architects and design teams are working to find ways to incorporate pet-friendly options within an office space. Pets need their owners, and owners always work better with their pets around. Allowing an area for your cat to roam will, hopefully, only increase productivity.

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