City Council Proposes New Law That Would Allow Tenants to Sue Landlords for Using Airbnb

February 27, 2015

Via Airbnb

One week ago we learned of the landmark ruling to evict a rent-stabilized tenant from his ultra-luxe 450 West 42nd Street building for listing the unit on Airbnb for nearly triple what he was paying, a show of just how serious the city is about the issue. Now they’re getting even more aggressive, as two City Council members want to pass a new law that would let tenants sue their landlords for renting out neighboring apartments as illegal hotels through Airbnb.

Councilmembers Rory Lancman (D-Queens) and Rosie Mendez (D-Manhattan) introduced the bill yesterday, which would put apartment rentals for shorter than 30 days, currently barred by state law, into the category of tenant harassment that carries $5,000 fines. Lancman said “Airbnb and illegal hotels destroy the quality of life of those around them and pose a grave threat to New York’s affordable housing supply.”

[Via NYP]



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