Bay Ridge

February 7, 2017

Freestanding home in Bay Ridge with many of its historic details intact asks $2.15M

It's hard to deny the stateliness of this three-story freestanding home at 8525 Colonial Road in Bay Ridge. It's located on a 52-by-78-foot corner lot with both a front and back yard. (The large lot also boasts a two-car garage.) Inside, charming details abound, like a wood-burning fireplace and built-in window seat. For this four-bedroom, four-bathroom home, it'll cost a cool $2.15 million.
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July 27, 2016

$2.5M Freestanding Italianate House Charms in Bay Ridge

The charm of a freestanding home in the middle of New York City will never get old. This Italiante home, at 237 77th Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, pretty much exudes all the charm and is now asking a cool $2.5 million. The 11-room house has a landscaped front yard that leads to a wrap-around porch. Once inside, a grand entrance leads you to a formal living room with hand-restored crown molding, the original windows, stained glass doors and a side entry back out to the porch. The rest of the house, too, is decked out with historic extravagances like stained glass, pocket doors and a wood-burning fireplace.
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May 27, 2016

This $1.35M Barrel-Fronted Bay Ridge Townhouse Is Definitely a Goldilocks Situation

If you're dreaming of a townhouse in Brooklyn and you haven't considered Bay Ridge, this 2,424 square-foot two story home at 654 76th Street might change your mind. With four bedrooms, tons of parlor living space, beautifully restored original details and a large, lovely and landscaped yard, there's not much that isn't just right about it. Even the $1.35 million ask seems reasonable in this market, when expanding families are scrambling to find space they can afford. That said, the house last changed hands in 2012 for $625,000 (and we're thinking the seller was probably happy with that number even then, especially since the home likely hadn't been renovated).
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December 17, 2015

Edible Real Estate: These Amazing Gingerbread Houses Are Totally Turnkey

What could be better than real estate you can eat? Though these (mostly) edible homes are way too pretty to take a bite of, there’s just something about the idea of frosting on the roof… Ahead, check out some of the sweet, scaled-down edifices we've scouted across the web and NYC, including a gingerbread version of the Hogwarts School, Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater, and the Guggenheim, which, as they say, takes the cake!
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August 12, 2015

Bay Ridge Home with ‘Architectural Drama’ Asks an Absurd $4.58M

The quiet old-school neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is filled with grand and storied homes, from the elegant to the eclectic and, more than occasionally, the awkward. Overlooking the Brooklyn shore of the New York Harbor's Upper Bay, Shore Road is an architectural mashup of eras and styles, with everything from Deco-esque apartment buildings both plain and fancy to more than its fair share of large and luxurious dwellings that trade for equally luxurious sums. A $4,580,000 ask breathes some rarified air even in this crazy market, but the house itself fits well within a certain mid- to late-Bay Ridge-style, perhaps best described as an early '90s interpretation of a Catskills resort contained within a suburban home. This wouldn't be the first of its kind on Shore Road to command upwards of $4 million; while it's not the All Marble Everything house, which sold for the tidy sum of $4.4M in April, the house at 7529 Shore Road has charms of its own. The listing promises, "all the architectural drama you can imagine, yet warm and intimate feeling." And there's a wall-length aquarium.
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July 17, 2015

Brand New Photos for Bay Ridge’s Gingerbread House, Now Back on the Market for $11M

Bay Ridge's infamous Gingerbread House at 8220 Narrows Avenue is making headlines again. The incredible freestanding home is back on the market after a few different attempts to sell. As Curbed pointed out, the Arts and Crafts home was first asking $12 million in 2009, then the price was lowered a few times, then it was put on the rental market for $26,000 a month. (The broker tells us that it's only officially been on the market for around two years over a six-year period while the owners did renovations.) Now it's back again with brand new photos showing off its extravagant interior, alongside a price tag of $10.999 million. As the broker told us, "The overall market in Brooklyn is strong, particularly in Bay Ridge, which has become the new hot spot as buyers move south - this is an ideal time to put the house back on the market." We got our hands on the previously-unpublished new images, so take a look and decide if this is finally the time this special house will sell.
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