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August 11, 2015

DHD Interiors Bring the Beach Back to This Hamptons Beach House

When a Manhattan couple first bought this 8,000-square-foot Hamptons home, it seemed like more of a hunting house than a beach house. Wall-mounted deer heads and paisley wallpaper outfitted the space, while dark mahogany floors sucked the light out of the rooms. But the new homeowners didn't let this turn them away. “It was a big house with unbelievable water views and we thought it would be a fantastic place to host family and friends,” the wife told luxe. “But we knew it needed some work.” The couple called in Steven Wakenshaw and Steffani Aarons of DHD Interiors, as well as landscape architect Steven Tupu, to bring out the best in their now house, but what had started out as small-scale remodeling and redecorating snowballed into an architectural intervention. Given the placement of the house on the eroding shoreline, DHD was prevented from changing the shape of house without obtaining local ordinances, which could take years to get. The homeowners wanted the house ready in time for Memorial Day, giving the team only five months to complete the task. With those restrictions, the firm decided to work with what they had to create a stylish, family-friendly beach house.
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July 31, 2015

Luxurious Modernism and Eclectic Spirit Coexist in This Classic Soho Loft by DHD Interiors

We've highlighted a few projects from DHD Architecture + Interior Design before, and one thing we love about the firm’s work is their talent for combining classic spaces with modern ideals and adding unexpected twists. Their designs often feature clean, crisp lines, interesting lighting and open floor plans and integrate residents' multifaceted personalities. In this case, they work their eclectic magic on a Crosby Street loft located on a cobblestoned Soho block in that neighborhood's Cast Iron Historic District. Dating from 1882, the building, a former department store, was converted to a 10-unit condominium residence in 2001.
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April 27, 2015

DHD Interiors’ Modern Loft Peacefully Coexists Among Gramercy Park’s 19th Century Homes

When we think of Gramercy Park it calls to mind stately 19th-century mansions, brownstones and carriage houses—and of course, the elusive crown jewel in the middle of it all, the park itself. But sharing the stage with the neighborhood's turn-of-the-century aesthetic are a number of newer developments that have an elegance all their own.
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April 6, 2015

Mercer Street Loft by DHD Interiors Brings a Bit of Whimsy to a Classic Soho Space

After looking at a few projects from the talent over at DHD Interiors, we're realizing that what draws us to the firm's work is their ability to infuse an unexpected sense of whimsy into otherwise classic spaces, and their Mercer Street Loft is no exception. From the curious wall mural to the fanciful oversized chair in the living room, this Soho space surprises you when you least expect it. DHD was commissioned by the client to create a home that "celebrates both classic, historical elements and modern twists." They were also asked to incorporate art and the client's "adventurous, eclectic tastes," while maintaining original features like the hardwood floors, stripped cast iron columns, and tin ceilings.
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March 19, 2015

DHD Interiors’ Spectacular Tribeca Penthouse Design Is Fun, Fashionable, and Family-Friendly

One of the key challenges to successful design is understanding the day-to-day needs of your client and marrying those needs with a sensorially pleasing aesthetic. When tasked with reconfiguring this 5,500-square-foot triplexed penthouse found in one of New York’s original cast iron façade buildings, DHD Interiors' goal was “to create a cool and chic family home ideal for entertaining but also conducive to a fun family life.” 
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February 20, 2015

Chelsea Townhouse Channels Its Inner Diva with Bold Patterns and Textures

Where’s Beyoncé when you need her? If she is indeed looking for another place, she might want to look at this Chelsea pad for design ideas. DHD Interiors gave this Robert Young Architecture-designed townhouse its own alter ego with bold textures and colors in the family and kids’ spaces and soft, polished style in other areas like the master bedroom and dining room.
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