Alicia Bastian’s Circular Nautilus Bookshelf Makes Reading Fun

June 11, 2014

Getting your kids to put down their smartphones and pick up a book will be a breeze with this brilliant storytime nook. Designed by Alice Bastian, the circle-shaped Nautilus is much more than just a shelf — it’s a growing book-lover’s reading sanctuary.

Nautilus bookshelf designed by Alicia Bastian

The Nautilus’ ascending pattern represents a reader’s growth, both physically and intellectually. It’s made from light-colored wood and laminated shoji paper and can act as a room divider when set in a line. But the design is most striking when arranged in a partial circle to form a spiraling mini library with just enough space to seat a bookworm.

Much like a rocking chair, it’s a piece of children’s furniture that can easily be passed from one generation to another. We guarantee that bedtime stories will never be the same.

[Via Dornob]

Images courtesy of Northern Michigan University’s School of Art & Design

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