A cherry blossom festival with Japanese treats and sake is coming to Green-Wood Cemetery

April 18, 2022

Cherry Blossoms at Green-Wood. Photo by David Berkowitz via Flickr

Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery is welcoming in the natural beauty of spring with its own “Hanami,” or flower-viewing festival. After hours on April 20, Green-Wood Cemetery will be treating guests to a night of live music, food, entertainment, and educational programs about the cemetery’s diverse variety of trees and wildlife. Visitors will travel down winding paths lined with 172 blooming cherry trees, among which are the Yoshino Cherry and Kanzan Japanese Flowering cherry trees, two species of cherry trees commonly celebrated in Hanami Festivals, a tradition of enjoying the blooming of cherry blossoms that began in Japan.

“Hanami Festival is an incredible example of what makes Green-Wood a true cultural landmark of New York City,” Harry Weil, director of public programs and special projects at Green-Wood Cemetery, said. “It’s amazing to see our community coming together to appreciate the natural beauty of one of New York City’s greatest green spaces.”

Green-Wood will also be offering guests a selection of treats from Industry City’s Japan Village and samples of sake brewed by WeSake.

Established in 1838, the cemetery, in addition to being known as the permanent resting place for nearly 60,000 residents, is recognized for its beautiful architecture, expansive grounds, museum, and arboretum.

The cemetery held its first-ever Hanami festival last year and stepped into the spotlight after many of the city’s most prominent cherry blossom festivals were put on hold due to the pandemic. Following its success, the cemetery hopes to make this event a tradition.

In case of inclement weather, the event will be rescheduled for April 21. Tickets cost $40 and $35 for members.


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