6sqft Gift Guide: Karma Turns a Cellular Connection into on-the-Go Wireless

December 19, 2014

This pocket-sized device may be less than three square inches, but it certainly packs a lot of punch. Karma Go takes a cellular connection and turns it into your own personal WiFi signal to power up to eight devices, including laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Plus, the battery lasts for 220 hours of standby time and five hours of internet usage.

Karma Go

Karma Go runs on 4G LTE with support for Sprint, and when users share their connection with someone, both parties will earn free data. Not only does this allow you to get a wireless connection on the go, but you can ditch your wireless contract and use Karma to support all your devices, only paying for what you use. A handy app for the iPhone and Android lets you easily buy more data and track your usage. And now that you’ll be able to get a cell signal on many NYC subways, just think how much work Karma will help you get done on your commute.

Learn more and sign up for Karma Go here.

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  1. J

    Just wanted to let you guys know that you can get it for $89 now.

    This is the link they gave me when I signed up for it, and it takes $10 off the regular price.