June 9, 2016

Zen Out in Your Apartment With the Meditation Tipi

Even the most cynical, high-strung New Yorkers need a little "namaste" time. If committing to a yoga membership seems like too much, why not get one of these Meditation Tipis, which allow you to "create your own sacred space for meditation, connection, writing, reading and more." Made in Bozeman, Montana by Little Turtle's Tipi, these handmade canvas teepees come with an imitation fur rug and a salt crystal aroma lamp for your favorite essential oils. And with a diameter of only six feet and height of seven, they're perfect for even the smallest apartments.
Find out how to get your own
March 28, 2016

Headspace’s Meditation Pods Help You Find Inner Peace on the Go

New York can be a challenging place to live, which is why calming activities like yoga and new meditation classes are sweeping the city. For those of who don't have the time (or money!) to get our namaste on at said classes, there's the guided meditation service Headspace, a free app that has helped more than five million people globally find inner quiet. Now, the company behind this mindful innovation has come out with a new product that goes beyond the digital. Their nature- inspired meditation pod was designed in collaboration with architect duo Oyler Wu and is intended to express the invisible experience of meditation through tangible design.
More on the idea and design of the pod

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