September 13, 2022

16 ways to mark Hispanic Heritage Month in NYC

Observed from September 15 through October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the rich, diverse culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans in the United States. New York City has one of the world's most thriving Hispanic communities, making up more than a quarter of its population. Ahead, learn about 16 events across the five boroughs that celebrate Hispanic heritage, from the Hispanic Day Parade to the Latinx Culture Carnival.
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March 7, 2022

Explore hidden gems and lesser-known artists at the Hispanic Society Museum & Library’s new exhibit

The Hispanic Society Museum & Library has opened a new exhibition that brings attention to the wide variety of art, literature, and history from the Iberian Peninsula and South America. Curated by art historian Dr. Madeleine Haddon, Nuestra Casa: Rediscovering the Treasures of The Hispanic Society Museum & Library features select "hidden gems" from the museum's expansive collection of more than 750,000 pieces, including artworks by El Greco and Goya to masterpieces by lesser-known Latin American artists. The exhibition is open at the Washington Heights museum now through April 17.
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September 16, 2021

Latin in Manhattan: A look at early Hispanic New York

Every year starting on September 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of Hispanic Americans. Over 2.4 million New Yorkers, or nearly one-third of the city's population, identify as Hispanic or Latino. The city’s thriving Latin community marks the most recent chapter in the history of Latin New York, which stretches over 400 years. Ahead, learn about early Hispanic New York, starting with the arrival of Juan Rodriguez, the first non-Native American person to live in New York City.
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