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Funky Desk Is Kid-Friendly and Has Secret Compartments

By Rebecca Paul, Sun, February 21, 2016

Rafa Kids, K-desk, kids furniture

This funky table from furniture retailer Rafa Kids is cleverly designed to resemble the letter K when viewed from the side (hence its name, K Desk). The design also features rounded corners (to keep little noggins safe) and a useful lid that reveals a second table top when lifted. The underside of the lid also doubles as a bulletin board to hang drawings or photos.

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Ying Chang, Modular Mesh Desk, Grid System, Royal College of Art, plug-in furniture, multifunctional desk, 2 dimensional grid system, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Wim Crouwel

With limited space, New Yorkers need to be smart about the way they live and work. So if you often find yourself multi-tasking at home, this design may be right up your alley. Royal College of Art graduate Ying Chang has come up with the modular “Grid System,” a piece of furniture that allows users to plug and unplug different storage boxes and trays according to their needs.

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This ultra-thin desk is just like any good roommate: mostly invisible, but around when you need them. Designed by Berlin-based architect and cabinetmaker maker Michael Hilgers, “Flatmate” is a compact workspace that won’t take up much of your valuable floor space, but is just as functional as its full-sized counterpart. Thanks to its skinny profile, it can comfortably live in a narrow hallway or even behind other furniture.

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Furniture, Green Design

Love Hulten, self-sufficient garden, wooden desk, Senescent Desk, Swedish design

If you feel you’re spending too much time at your desk and too little time in nature, here’s a way to bring a piece of the outside world in. Called the Senescent Desk, this whimsical work by Love Hulten comes with a self-sufficient gardening system that allows you to interact with a chunk of nature right at your desk—without all the work usually required when tending to plants.

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Bolia, Vilfred, Danish wooden desk, small desk, Kristina Kjær, Space Saving design, Danish furniture

When you live in a dense city like New York, you know that every inch that you can get your hands on is a sacred one. While sacrifice usually comes into play when taking up space in an urban environment, thankfully there are smart designs out there that don’t require us to give up the simple things in life–like a desk. Perfect for your computer–or for your unruly piles–this compact desk designed by Kristina Kjær is practical, comfortable, and pretty easy on the eyes.

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transforming shelf, desk-shelf

For many living in New York City, or other densely populated communities, space is considered a treasured resource not to be squandered. In these situations efficiency is key, which is why we welcome with open arms Nubo, the 2.0 version of the traditional wall shelf. This bubble shaped shelf transforms from a utilitarian wall shelf or desk, into a treasure-box-bulletin-board—reminiscent of a vintage travel case, like the blue Pan-Am case of the 1960s. The Nobu was designed by the Italian-Danish duo known as GamFratesi, and first presented at imm Cologne.

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Stop Procrastinating with Help from the Rewrite Desk

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Mon, September 15, 2014

Rewrite, cocoon-like, wooden desk, Copenhagen, GamFratesi

Rewrite, by Copenhagen-based designers GamFratesi, is an isolating bubble that offers a space for work and concentration. No matter how many distractions your home might have, this cocoon-like desk will help you focus and hopefully overcome procrastination. Featuring organic modern lines and a cozy appearance, its upholstered shield protects against any environmental noise that might take you away from the job.

Learn more about the Rewrite desk here

Furniture, Green Design

Torafu, Kororodesuku, Koloro desk, Japanese design, wooden desk, furniture for small spaces

If you work from home, you know how difficult it is to separate personal and professional life. But not if you have something like this—a desk that you can just turn over when you finish work, leaving all the clutter and to-do lists behind. The cute Kororodesuku (Koloro desk) is a brilliantly simple design by Japanese designers Torafu studio; it’s made from wood and comes in any color you like.

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