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June 15, 2021

$90M project to renovate deteriorating docks at 79th Street Boat Basin moves ahead

The city is moving forward on restoring the Upper West Side's 79th Street Boat Basin as a waterfront resource for the community. In December 2019, the Parks Department unveiled a $90 million proposal to reconstruct docks damaged by previous storms, add additional boating berths to increase capacity, make the area more resilient to climate change, and expand ecological research and education. To make this possible, the entire marina will be dredged to enable vessels to navigate it at all tidal cycles. With support from the local Community Board and many residents, the plan is now moving ahead, with construction expected to commence in 2023.
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May 17, 2016

Live On Artist Hannes Bend’s Boat for Under $300/Month – Tow It Wherever You Want

Now that we know it is very possible to live a (reasonably) comfortable life on a 200-square-foot boat with your significant other and a dog, there's no reason to pass up this opportunity to stretch out on a 28-foot sailboat for next to nothing. As Brokelyn first reports, artist Hannes Bend, is offering up his Bronx-docked boat up to anyone who wants to live a seafaring life—with the convenience of the city just handful of subway lines and stops away, of course—pretty much for free.
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March 15, 2016

This Couple Ditched Their Apartment to Live on a 200-Square-Foot Boat for $360/Month

When most New Yorkers want to start shaving money off the monthly rent bill they shack up with roommates, move far out in the boroughs, or relocate altogether. But this savvy couple found a way to save more than $4,500 a month without leaving downtown Manhattan, though they did sacrifice significantly on space (h/t Curbed). Mel Magazine made a video, "A Couple's Guide to Living on a Boat in New York in Winter," that profiles Victoria Fine and Jon Vidar, who share a 200-square-foot houseboat that's docked in the East River, along with their dog. Jon says he's been known to be "a drunken sailor" at times, but that being hungover on a boat is probably the worst part of sea living. And they both agree that you can forget personal space, with Victorian referencing a recent time she was sick with a cold.
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