Steve Fulop

December 7, 2020

Former toxic landfill in Jersey City to become public park with COVID-19 memorial

A former toxic landfill in Jersey City will become a public park with a memorial dedicated to residents who lost their lives from the coronavirus. Mayor Steven Fulop last week unveiled the final $10 million phase of the plan to transform the Superfund site into Skyway Park, 30 acres of green space with both passive and active uses, waterfront access, a butterfly garden, and a memorial grove that will contain more than 500 trees, each representing a Jersey City resident who died earlier this year and who were not permitted a proper funeral because of COVID-19 restrictions.
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November 6, 2019

Jersey City vote to curb short-term rentals could mean trouble for Airbnb

The Jersey City waterfront, via Pixabay A big-money battle between Airbnb and the hotel industry may leave small hosts stranded after a decisive vote in Jersey City Tuesday. Voters in New Jersey's second-largest city faced a referendum on new, beefed-up regulations on short-term rentals intended to limit the reach of Airbnb and other home-stay companies. According to the New York Times, voters overwhelmingly decided in favor of a law that will require owners of short-term rental properties to get a permit from the city, put a cap on the size and number of units that can be used for short term rental purposes, and limit short-stay rentals to a maximum of 60 days a year if the owner is not physically on-site. The ordinance also bars all renters from using their units as short-term rentals.
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