Babe Ruth

August 16, 2016

Babe Ruth’s Former UWS Apartment Sells to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Actress

Though this Upper West Side apartment doesn't look like much, it's certainly racking up the celebrity accolades. At the end of his career, from 1929 to 1940, Babe Ruth and his family owned the entire seventh floor at 345 West 88th Street. At the time it boasted 11 rooms, but it's since been divided into two units. One unit, 7B, hit the market for $1,595,000 last August; the other, 7F, listed in February for $1,175,000. According to the Observer, the latter has sold for $1,130,000 to former "How I Met Your Mother" actress Ashley Williams and her husband, producer Neal Dodson.
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August 31, 2015

The UWS Apartment Babe Ruth Once Called Home Is Selling for $1.595M

This apartment may not look like much, but baseball greatness once slept within its walls. The Upper West Side abode Babe Ruth called home at the end of his epic career is now on the market for $1.595 million. According to the Post, an open house held this weekend at the 345 West 88th Street address drew in over 50 people—a mix of folks looking buy, and surely those simply hoping for a glimpse into The Bambino's former digs.
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