ODA’s Eran Chen on why ‘inclusive amenities’ are overplayed, and the need for better public spaces

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Some architects just consider the building they are working on. But Eran Chen, the founder and executive director of ODA, Office for Design and Architecture, takes a broader view. Not only does he focus on the specific architecture for each building project but he considers the spaces the building creates, the way the architecture can affect people on emotional levels, and the vitality of the city, all as equally important. Chen’s work evokes cities of the past when amenities were provided by the built environment, not the buildings themselves. He designs with an innovative and sleek modernity while seeking to recreate cities that function as a whole versus disassociated parts.

Ahead CityRealty interviews Eran Chan about how his philosophy fits into his New York City designs.


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  • rnsone

    The empty space that 1 Vanderbilt will begin its ascent, would make an incredible public space. Seeing that side of Grand Central is breathtaking. Only if a public park could be there instead.