NYC releases map with COVID deaths broken down by ZIP code

May 18, 2020

Screenshot of map courtesy of NYC Health Department

The city’s health department on Monday released for the first time the coronavirus death rate by ZIP code. A table and interactive map reveal the death rate per 100,000 residents in each neighborhood, along with the number of confirmed cases, case counts, death counts, and the percent of people who tested positive. The new information confirms earlier data that found a disparity in deaths caused by the virus among people of color and those who live in low-income neighborhoods.

According to the new data provided by DOH, neighborhoods that have seen the highest rates of death per 100,000 include Canarsie-Flatlands in Brooklyn, home to the Starrett City housing complex, with 612 deaths, Rockaway in Queens with 445 deaths, Flushing-Clearview with 435 deaths, parts of the East Bronx with 429 deaths, and Coney Island-Sheepshead Bay with 416 deaths.

Communities in western Queens, including the ZIP codes 11369, 11370, 11372, 11368, have been hit hard by the pandemic, with those neighborhoods seeing over 1,200 deaths together. The neighborhoods with the lowest number of deaths in the city are all in Manhattan, including Greenwich Village, Soho, Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, and Chelsea.

In April, the city started releasing data that shows the number of positive cases and the percentage of cases by ZIP code. Since the start of the pandemic, the data has shown higher rates of infection for those from lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color, particularly in the outer boroughs.

Data from the state’s health department updated on May 17 shows that Hispanic residents (29 percent of the population) make up 34 percent of fatalities in New York City, while black New Yorkers (22 percent of the population) make up 28 percent of deaths.

“This disease, unfortunately, it amplifies the horrible health disparities that already exist and it does very clearly cut by income and by race and the communities that, for a long time, people have not gotten the health care they deserve,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an interview with CNN last month.

The city on Monday also released more demographic information for case, hospitalization, and death rates across the five boroughs. New details break down rates by age, sex, race and ethnicity, poverty level, by borough, as well as the location of death. As of Monday, there have been 15,983 confirmed deaths caused by the coronavirus and 4,823 probable deaths.


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