Morpholio’s New Journal App Is the Digital Sketchbook You Never Knew You Needed

August 4, 2015

Whether you carry around notebooks for sketching, journaling, or keeping a running grocery list, one thing is for certain; we’d be lost without these little pads of paper. They quickly become a part of our lives, holding ideas and thoughts, even if is just a reminder to buy toilet paper. Today The Morpholio Project, the innovative creators behind Mood Board and Crit, launches a brand new app to their suite: Journal.

This free app for iPhones and iPads redefines the sketchbook as a catch-all for your photos, drawings, ideas, and thoughts. Think of it as your trusty notebook, but just way more intuitive. Now creatives of all mediums can write, draw, sketch, collage, paint, or color on anything, anywhere.

morpholio, morpholio project, journal app, ed marion
morpholio, morpholio project, journal app, ed marion

“Most creative processes are anything but linear, and rarely isolated. Creatives, and designers in particular, need a free flowing workspace that is open to whatever media the world has to offer, more often than not, a mixed media.” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio co-creator.

morpholio, journal, morpholio app, journal app

morpholio, morpholio project, journal app, ed marion

Seamlessly create and test your projects with the help of Journal’s five super tools:

  1. Sketch on anything, anywhere. You can sketch on top of any surface, and the sketch will literally move, twist and scale with the image it’s on.
  2. “Ludicrous speed”: Rapid Fire Viewing. The ultra responsive design relies on research into the human eye’s amazing capacity to rapidly assess high-bandwidth visual information.
  3. Designware: The Designers’ Set of Essential Pens, Pencils and Color Palettes. Journal includes eight pens, brushes and pencils including chisel markers, charcoal, and other rendering tools capable of sheer digital magic. There’s also 16 color palettes.
  4. Collage Madness. Build mixed media artwork or layouts, photo albums, mood boards, material boards, scrapbooks, or rich archives of your discoveries, ideas and creations.
  5. Super Notes. Add notes anywhere on or off a page and write anything from paragraphs to simple tabs to mark your place. Morpholio has also curated calendar, notebook, grid and task list templates to help organize your life.

Start creating with Morpholio’s app by downloading the app here.

All images courtesy of The Morpholio Project


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