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June 15, 2018

$2M boho Nomad live-work loft is an artists’ dream–or a blank slate

A rare find in 21st-century Manhattan, this light-filled loft at 50 West 29th Street in go-go Nomad is a legit live/work space with a history of artists-in-residence. Asking $1.995 million, it's also a high-floor co-op with Empire State Building views in one of the city's hottest neighborhoods, with great bones and plenty of potential. In its current state of artsy maximalist splendor, the two-bedroom home has plenty of character and room for creating and living.
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January 28, 2016

Rows of Bookshelves Under 11-Foot Ceilings Line This $2M Nomad Loft

There's no better apartment for a book lover than a loft. The open space and high ceilings are the perfect setting for rows of bookshelves, which also can serve as impromptu dividers throughout an apartment that lacks lots of walls. This lofty three bedroom at 50 West 29th Street in Nomad has a massive, open living and dining room that the owners are using almost like a library. There are tons of bookshelves under the 10-foot-9-inch ceilings, as well as a few used to break up the living and the dining areas.
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September 17, 2015

This Nomad Loft Was Created With Curbside Finds, Elbow Grease and an Eye for Beauty

There was a time in NYC when there wasn't an expectation that an apartment or loft come with a full set of shiny new appliances and amenities; you could carve out a space for yourself over time, and end up with a beautiful, unique and comfortable home. That's about the time–1977, to be exact–when the owners of this cool and crafty Nomad loft, then a recent co-op conversion, bought it for $50,000 and moved in. Now this large two-bedroom 12th floor loft with a private terrace is on the rental market for $8,000 a month. The owners–she was an art historian who passed away about a year ago, he's a retired biophysicist–and their daughter had always been fond of the excitement of scavenging what others left behind–like a six-burner restaurant stove and what is now a veritable jungle of plants. The building had been used for light manufacturing, and the couple had to design the entire 1,620-square-foot space to make it a home. Since the space was completely raw, they could configure it any way they pleased. The loft was featured in a 2006 article in the Times, in which the home's late owner and main design force is described as having "a gimlet eye for the gorgeous."
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January 6, 2015

Ultra-Modern NoMad Loft Returns to the Market with a $1M Price Increase

The unusual $3.84 million loft at 50 West 29th Street is sure to be a head-turner, but not necessarily for the reason you may be thinking. Oh, we know what you’re thinking. Just look at it: a 20th century industrial loft with a modern 21st century twist. Sprawling spaces that make you want to whip out your bowling shoes. Pipes for days. But what you won't see in the architecture is the mysterious $1 million added to the price tag since it disappeared from the market last year. We’ll cast aside all judgment for a moment as we take a look at this remarkable space, because, let’s be honest, it’s a looker.
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