Brilliant Space-saving Sada Bike Folds Up Into Size of an Umbrella

May 5, 2014

An Italian designer may have invented the ultimate commuter bicycle. The Sada Bike — named after its creator Gianluca Sada — folds up to the size of an umbrella, making it easy to stow away in a backpack.

It’s a brilliant concept that attempts to solve a problem with the foldable bikes that are currently on the market. With those options, riders usually have to make a sacrifice — they can opt for large wheels and limited portability or get one that packs up easily, but boasts smaller-than-average tires.

Sada Bike

The Sada Bike still has 26-inch wheels, but it’s able to collapse into a tidy, umbrella-sized form thanks to a hub-less design. Not only is the frame able to shrink, but the bike also comes apart at the wheels. That means the Sada Bike may not be for long-distance riding since wheels typically get their strength from tension on the spokes, but Sada is currently raising funds so he can keep tweaking his design.

+ Gianluca Sada

[Via Inhabitat]

Photos courtesy Gianluca Sada

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