Ryall Porter Sheridan

September 4, 2014

Ryall Porter Sheridan’s Hamptons Pavilion is Clad in Spanish Cedar

It must be hard to come up with a design to complement an existing log house, but Ryall Porter Sheridan succeeded with their Spanish cedar-clad Hamptons Pavilion. Interestingly, this material is neither Spanish nor cedar, but rather from an evergreen tree in the mahogany family. It's also the traditional material used for making cigar boxes. But despite its confusing moniker, the paneling creates a structure that is both modern and organically connected to the surrounding landscape.
More details on the Hamptons Pavilion right this way
August 9, 2014

Fishers Island House’s Modern Extension by Ryall Porter Sheridan is Built With Recycled Newspaper

Here at 6sqft we are big fans of Manhattan-based Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects. We love the way they often use reclaimed and recycled materials for the creation of simple but beautiful eco-homes. To build their very unique Fishers Island House extension, the firm used a surprising, environmentally friendly and very affordable material: recycled newsprint.
Learn more about the recycled newspaper extension here
August 4, 2014

Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects Wrap a Pristine White Studio with a Beautifully Aged Wood Skin

We recently featured how Ryall Porter Sheridan renovated a 1970s house into a beautiful green retreat using Passive House standards. In a similar vein, the Manhattan-based architects have created a small artist's shelter with comparable aesthetic, employing many of the same sustainable strategies throughout. Called 'Orient Artist Studio', this project on the north-fork of Long Island is clad in a beautifully aged timber envelope that protects its pristine white interiors.
Learn more about this Passive artist studio here