April 20, 2016

Nendo’s Minimalist Line of Pet Lifestyle Products Is Designed to Match Your Decor

Nendo, a well-known Japanese design studio, has taken a minimalist approach to the current trend of pet furniture and lifestyle goods that we can't get enough of. Their line of pet products, appropriately titled Cubic Pet Goods includes a dog house, soft toy, ceramic bowls and of course a ball. Each piece in the collection was carefully selected to coincide with dog's need and human's desire for aesthetic quality.
September 22, 2015

Nendo’s Carbon Fiber Nest Shelf Can Expand to Fit Any Size Room

Built-in book cases can take any space from drab to fab. Unfortunately, these custom-built units are often expensive—and if you don't own your home, not worth the investment. Now thanks to the Japanese design firm Nendo, and their new shelving unit called Nest, you can have a set of book cases adjusted exactly for your living space. This ingenious shelf stretches to accommodate any size. Each unit is made from carbon fiber materials, so it will hold up under extremely large amounts of weight. Plus, unlike built-ins, when it's time to move, you can take these customizable pieces with you to adorn your new home.
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November 25, 2014

Nendo Has Invented an Umbrella with a Cover You’ll Never Lose

Why umbrellas come with covers is beyond us; very few people manage to keep them beyond the first second they pull them off, and where they inevitably end up is a mystery to all. But there's no denying that when you've got a sopping wet umbrella–and no way to dry it–few things would make you happier than having that tiny tube of fabric in tow again. Well, wet umbrella holders need no longer fret over pruney fingers, because the designers over at Nendo have invented an ingenious winter weather product: the "cover-brella," an umbrella with a built-in cover that neatly tucks into the handle when you're not using it.
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July 11, 2014

Nendo’s Sculptural Farming-net Lights Float Like Bubbles in the Air

Tokyo-based design firm Nendo created a collection of enchanting luminaries that seems to be floating like bubbles in the air. The sculptural lights are made from farming-net, an agricultural mesh ordinarily placed around fruits and vegetables to protect them from the wind as well as the animals. This decontextualized knitted material works as a translucent lampshade to create these brilliantly simple 'Farming-net Lights'.
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