Matthew Baird Architects

July 11, 2014

Matthew Baird’s Greenwich Street Townhouse Brings Meatpacking Style to the West Village

One of the things we love most about New York's historic neighborhoods is that they each have their own distinct architectural style. So we were a little discombobulated (in a good way) when we saw Matthew Baird Architects's Greenwich Street Townhouse, which has infused the industrial, rough-edged style of the Meatpacking District into a traditional West Village-rowhouse streetscape. When they embarked on the project, both the architect and the client sought a contemporary, reductive exterior design to contrast with the warm ambiance and simple materials of the 5,000-square-foot interior. Baird's interest in prefabrication inspired the construction of the façade from a single piece of raw steel, which was lifted from a truck and bolted into place. When the 40' x 14' slab was transported, the inbound lanes on one level of the George Washington Bridge had to be closed!
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