Fabrica 718

December 2, 2014

Fabrica718 Transforms Industrial Space into Cool Williamsburg Loft Perfect for Work and Play

Most New Yorkers are well aware that a short ride over the Williamsburg Bridge will put you in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city. This cool pad, located on Jackson Street in Williamsburg, was previously outfitted for a manufacturing business, but was recently converted into a design office and residential loft. The design team responsible for the upgrade is Fabrica718, and their goal was to optimize the common spaces to account for all of their client's needs. The stylish new interior is the perfect combination of the hip and rustic styles that typify the surrounding neighborhood's attitude.
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October 20, 2014

NYC’s First Certified “Passive House” by FABRICA 718 is Lean, Mean and Incredibly Green

When this Park Slope brownstone was first built in 1899 we’re pretty sure energy efficient design wasn’t a guiding factor in its construction. But over 100 years later an award-winning Passive House retrofit by FABRICA 718 has turned this classic residence into one that consumes approximately 90% less heat energy than the average home and 75% less energy overall.
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October 15, 2014

Fabrica 718’s Renovation of Soho Loft in Former Department Store is Highly Fashionable

Firehouses, stables, factories – even churches – have long offered designers the opportunity to carve out unique living spaces from non-traditional structures. So it should come as no surprise that in a city as fashion conscious as New York, even department stores are fair game for residential conversion. When this co-op building in Soho was subdivided into loft apartments, each inherited some awkward and quirky features courtesy of its former life, but that didn’t stop Brooklyn-based designer Fabrica 718 from turning one of the apartments within into a different kind of showcase.
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