Dean & Deluca

July 19, 2021

Rhonda Sassoon sells Soho’s famous ‘Dean & Deluca loft’ for $5.2M

This past December, Rhonda Sassoon, fourth wife and widow of famed hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, listed her stunning Soho loft. The home at 133 Wooster Street has come to be known as the "Dean & Deluca loft," as Sassoon bought it from the grocer's co-founder Jack Ceglic, who created his cookbook in the kitchen. Sassoon had hoped to break even on the sale--she purchased it for $5.8 million in 2014, the same price she recently listed it for--but property records show that the 3,600-square-foot apartment closed last month for $5.2 million.
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April 4, 2019

Dean & Deluca debuts a new fast food concept in the Meatpacking District

Dean & DeLuca has unveiled a new concept—separate from the renowned gourmet market—which seeks to slow down fast food consumption and highlight the artistry that goes into preparing food. STAGE, which opened yesterday at 29 Ninth Avenue in the Meatpacking District, was designed by the German architecture firm Büro Ole Scheeren. It transforms the typical buffet counter into a theatrical space that allows customers to interact with staff and watch their food being prepared.
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June 26, 2014

Iconic Dean & Deluca Loft Purchased by Vidal Sassoon’s Widow

Ready for a sale where the space is just as famous as the people involved? We’ve got one for you. This iconic loft at 133 Wooster Street has been featured in the New York Times and was the very spot where the Dean & DeLuca cookbook was created. Well, how did this apartment get to be so special? Because it’s owned by Dean & Deluca co-founder Jack Ceglic.
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