A Gorgeous Upstate Getaway Dubbed the Mission House Is Asking $1.4 Million

A Gorgeous Upstate Getaway Dubbed the Mission House Is Asking $1.4 Million

August 19, 2015

Have you spent the summer dreaming about where you want to escape to in upstate New York? This listing won’t make you feel any better. Called the Mission House, it is a beautiful modern mansion located in East Fishkill, a charming town on the southern border of Dutchess County, New York. The house itself is gorgeous, with stunning landscaping, modern design, and tons of space. Get this: the house covers 4,000 square feet, with an additional 2,400 square feet of decks. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but you’ll still get more bang for your buck up here than down in Manhattan—for the whole mansion, the asking price is $1.4 million, cheaper than many NYC apartments. (And keep reading for a way to stay here without forking over all that cash.)

320 Long Hill Road, living room, upstate new york,

The main level of the house features an open concept living, dining, kitchen and library. How much would you enjoy that wood-burning fireplace in the middle of an upstate winter? And through those nine-foot-tall windows, you have views of the pond outside.

the mission house, upstate new york, kitchen

Soaring ceilings, tall windows and big skylights bring tons of light into this modern space. The kitchen has a 13-foot marble island, multiple ovens, and great chandeliers.

upstate new york, 320 long hill road, living room

The Mission house, upstate new york

Dark wood detailing and stone walls are quirky elements to be found throughout the home. Although this looks like it could be an older building, it is actually new construction. Many of the interior details, including a reclaimed exposed beam, have been collected by the current owners of the house over the years.

the mission house, upstate new york, bedroom

There are four bedrooms throughout the house. This one is our favorite, with a view of the pond and direct access onto a terrace with a sitting area.

the mission house, rec room, upstate new york

When you’ve got 4,000 square feet to spare, there’s got to be a rec room! As the photo shows, it’s accessed by a spiral staircase.

the mission house, upstate new york, greenery

And of course, the home is on plenty of beautiful land. Although it’s about five minutes off the Taconic Parkway (and a little more than an hour away from NYC), you’re in the middle of a secluded, wooded four acres. The pond and surrounding land is full of fish, frogs and birds, and there’s a creek on the other side of the pond. If you’re not into exploring the outdoors, you can just enjoy it from the many outdoor spaces around the house.

So you don’t have the $1.4 million to buy this property immediately? Well, you can spend a little less—$800 a night—to enjoy it through Airbnb.

[Listing: 320 Long Hill Road by Ivana Nikolic for Core]


Photos courtesy of Core

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