December 30, 2014

Vanity Addresses Like 432 Park Avenue Might Be the Reason You’re Getting Lost

When we get into heated debates about NYC being the greatest city on Earth, we like to cite the fact that our sophisticated, methodical street grid makes it impossible to get lost. But what happens when the entrance to 432 Park Avenue is not actually on Park Avenue? Our egos get a little bruised. Known as "vanity addresses," these luxury buildings choose to go by swanky street names like Park or Madison Avenues, but in reality their entrance is on a lowly side street. The front door for 432 Park, for example, will likely be on 56th Street, 150 feet from the Avenue. But how do developers skirt the traditional numbering system to create something that's more of a brand than an address?
Find out here (hint-it doesn't come cheap)

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