November 13, 2014

Designer Robert Couturier’s Midtown Apartment Could Double as a Modern Art Museum

This gorgeous midtown home says mod from top to bottom. Designer Robert Couturier is responsible for the apartment's impeccable interior design, and according to Couturier, "décor above all else, must be appropriate to the architecture, to the clients, and to the setting." Keeping that in mind, the cool stylings and playful details infused throughout this apartment have us convinced that the owners are the kind of folks we'd like to meet.
Tour the mod, colorful apartment here
October 9, 2014

Ghislaine Viñas Brings a Whimsical Edge to the Interior Design of a Hip Tribeca Loft

Tribeca's own Ghislaine Viñas is back with another loft interior in the neighborhood that is a dynamic combo of sophistication, whimsy, and a harder edge. The playfully shaped accent pieces and confident color combinations are the finishing details that make Ghislaine Viñas' signature style. From a cable wired bed frame to the dark wood dining room table, the range of material, color, and influence used in this loft is nothing short of a good time.

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