June 8, 2016

6 Products to Make the Most Out of Your Fire Escape This Summer

If your fire escape is the closest you'll get to a backyard this summer, fear not--6sqft has dug up some products that will turn this tiny space into much more than a place to set up some potted herbs. From grills to desks, we've found six clever items that require nothing more than the railing of your fire escape. Of course, consult your lease and talk to your landlord before installing them (technically putting objects on the fire escape is illegal, however they're becoming a thing of the past due to safety concerns), but once you get the go-ahead these designs are sure to maximize your outdoor enjoyment.
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April 13, 2015

Fire Escapes Going Extinct as Building Codes Shift

The outdoor fire escape has long been a fixture in the New York City streetscape, but more and more buildings are losing their iron appendages now that fireproof interior stairwells are seen as the emergency exit of choice, reports the Post. Moreover, the fire, buildings and city planning departments are amending fire safety rules in response to the influx of supertall towers to allow for "more occupant-evacuation elevators that can be used to move people down a tower in the event of an emergency." While the new regulations are progressive and safer, losing the fire escape architecture is like losing a piece of New York City history.
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