2475 Richmond Road

February 26, 2015

Live in a Haunted, Grey Gardens-esque Staten Island Mansion for $2M

For many New Yorkers, living on Staten Island is scary enough (just kidding!), but for those looking for an extra thrill, a historic, landmarked haunted mansion just hit the market for $2.31 million. The 7,700-square-foot, 10-bedroom Italianate villa-style home is located at 2475 Richmond Road in Egbertville and is known as the Gustav Mayer House for its original owner, an inventor who created the recipe for Nabisco's Nilla Wafers. Built in 1885, the house served as a Grey Gardens-esque residence for Mayer's two daughters, who stayed sequestered inside until their 100th birthdays. It's said that their ghosts still roam the hallways, along with the presence of their father, according to the Post.
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