New York Landmarks

April 20, 2015

VIDEO: Has the ‘Misguided’ Landmarks Law Bulldozed New York City’s Future?

Concerted efforts to preserve the city's buildings are a relatively new phenomenon; it wasn't until 50 years ago that the NYC Landmarks Law was enacted, providing protection for the city's most storied structures. While many of us feel that New York wouldn't be half of what it is today if developers were allowed free range of our urbanscape, a video by ReasonTV contends that the Landmarks Act is actually keeping the city from its true potential.
Find out why they detest the landmarks law
October 8, 2014

Landmarked 1867 Nomad Building May Recieve Blade Runner-Like Addition

Another iteration of a towering addition to a landmarked NoMad building has emerged from the 3-D visualization wizzes at Avoid Obvious. YIMBY broke the news back in March of a 20-story tower designed by the Spector Group and Think Architecture atop a charming commercial building at the northwest corner of West 27th Street and Broadway. Both iterations of Spector Group's design reveal a clean visual break between old and new: a restored neoclassical façade juxtaposed with a setback glassy prism rising above. The new reveal shows a more sculptural and chiseled tower rather than a Trump SoHo-like prism of clean vertical lines. It's unclear if this proposal is still on the table and if the Spector Group remains involved.
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