Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard

February 24, 2016

VIDEO: Fly Over the Forgotten Vessels of Staten Island’s Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard

In the Arthur Kill waterway, wedged between Staten Island and New Jersey, the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard is the final home of over two dozen harbor vessels that had their best years in the city's golden age of shipping. There were once as many as 400 of the ghostly crafts left to the wiles of entropy in the waterway, but according to Atlas Obscura, only 25 or so remain, picked over for their useful parts. Seven minutes of eerie and fascinating drone video footage offers a close-up view of the "urban marine cemetery" and the rusted metal hulls of once-useful tugboats and other harbor ships as they slowly sink into the silent, murky waters.
More about this eerie assembly and the full video