Rianne Koens

April 12, 2016

Wood and Copper Wardrobe Provides a Streamlined Alternative to Bulky Dressers

Minimalists who've gotten a little carried away accumulating a few too many clothes, shoes and other goods will appreciate this streamlined wardrobe design by Rianne Koens. Called Otura Dirsek, this beautiful storage solution is inspired by, and named after, the copper gas pipes seen in Turkish homes. Rather than placing the pipes behind walls, Turkish people instead run them along the exterior, conveniently creating extra space to hang household items.
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August 5, 2014

Rianne Koens’ Modular Otura Furniture Takes Inspiration from Her Turkish In-Laws

Dutch designer Rianne Koens' latest furniture collection was inspired by the friendliness and warm hospitality of the her own Turkish in-laws. Named after a combination of the Turkish words 'otur' (sit) and 'oturak' (stool), the Otura family has a flexible design that can easily adapt to any occasion. Separate stackable drawers, cabinets, tables and stools, all made from wood, were designed to be arranged and rearranged in an easy functional way.
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