Cynthia Nixon

June 28, 2018

Be Cynthia Nixon’s Noho neighbor for $2.2M

An apartment right next door to gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is now on the market for $2.22 million. The available co-op at 10 Bleecker Street, located off the Bowery in Noho, sits on the third floor, the same level where the "Sex and the City" star lives with her wife, Christine Marinoni. According to the New York Post, Nixon first purchased her apartment for $3.25 million in 2012. She also owns a small co-op nearby in the East Village, but when she purchased it for $1.5 million in 2016, it was speculated to be an investment property.
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June 4, 2018

Cynthia Nixon calls for congestion pricing and millionaires’ tax to fund subway repairs

Actress and candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon released last week her plan to fix New York City's transit system and many of the ideas look pretty familiar. To pay for much-needed subway repairs, Nixon's plan calls for congestion pricing, a concept supported by her opponent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and a millionaires' tax, an idea backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio (h/t NY Post). Her campaign also details imposing a polluter fee on fossil fuel companies to "generate billions of dollars to be used to fund New York’s transition to green energy." And while disparaging the MTA remains one of the focal points of her campaign, Nixon's plan to upgrade the subways is nearly identical to the Fast Forward plan released by NYC Transit Authority President Andy Byford last month. Jon Weinstein, a spokesperson for the MTA, said in a statement: "After three months of slamming the MTA in the press, Ms. Nixon released a plan to fix the subways and it was the MTA’s plan. Thanks."
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May 4, 2018

Cynthia Nixon’s Rent Justice for All platform would extend rent stabilization and boost tenant protection

Cynthia Nixon, the "Sex and the City" actress-turned-Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has unveiled a Rent Justice for All platform that would bolster protection for tenants statewide. Curbed reports that Nixon, who is running against Governor Andrew Cuomo as a Democratic candidate, announced Rent Justice for All, a series of measures intended to address the growing burden placed on New York's renters, of which there are many: Nixon said in a statement, “Half of our state residents are renters, and under Governor Cuomo, New York’s renters have been left behind.”
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October 11, 2016

Cynthia Nixon expands downtown real estate holdings with $1.5M East Village co-op

Earlier this morning, 6sqft reported that "Grey's Anatomy" actor Justin Chambers had spent $1.54 million on a rather bland East Village loft in Ageloff Tower at 172 East 4th Street. Interestingly, another big-name television star has also picked up a residence at Ageloff, this time at its sister building at 141 East 3rd Street. LLNYC reports that "Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon is listed on property records for a similarly unassuming apartment that sold for $1.49 million. The buyers are Nixon and her wife Christine Marinoni and another couple, their friends Michael Growler and William Bowers (Growler worked as a dresser for the "Sex and the City" movies). Based on the joint ownership, and the fact that Nixon has owned a $3.25 million residence at 10 Bleecker Street since 2012, it's likely that this is more of an investment.
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