Adrienne Adams

June 23, 2023

Adams vetoes NYC Council bills expanding rental assistance

Mayor Eric Adams has vetoed four City Council bills that would expand access to New York City's housing voucher program. Adams on Friday vetoed bills Intro. 229, Intro. 878, Intro. 893, and Intro. 894, claiming the legislation package, which was passed by the council last month, would cost the city an exorbitant amount of money and "make it harder" for homeless New Yorkers to find housing. The Council passed the legislation package late last month with a vote of 41 to 7, enough support to override the veto.
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May 12, 2023

Housing targets in every NYC district would lead to more equitable development, City Council says

A new plan by the New York City Council aims to increase affordable housing production by setting development goals for each of the city's 59 community districts. Speaker Adrienne Adams on Thursday unveiled her "Fair Housing Framework" legislation, a plan reminiscent of Gov. Kathy Hochul's rejected proposal earlier this year that called for every locality in the state to meet home creation targets. Under Adams' plan, "high-opportunity," or wealthier, transit-rich neighborhoods in the city, would be required to produce more low-income affordable housing. According to the plan, the city's housing agencies would be responsible for setting targets for each district, which would be reevaluated every five years, starting in 2025.
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March 9, 2023

NYC Council Speaker revives plan to build new homes on open NYCHA land

A New York City official is reviving a plan to turn the green spaces on public housing complexes into homes. In her State of the City address on Wednesday, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams proposed the construction of new apartment buildings on existing open spaces, known as "infill development," within New York City Housing Authority properties. Adams said her proposal would help address the city's housing crisis and provide current public housing tenants with an opportunity to relocate into upgraded, modern housing units.
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