April 20, 2022

NYC doormen union, building owners reach historic deal to avoid strike

After a massive rally and a threat of a strike, building service workers and landlords have reached a historic agreement. 32BJ SEIU and the Realty Advisory Board (RAB) on April 19 reached a tentative agreement that secures significant wins for building workers, including a nearly 12.6 percent wage increase over the next four years, the highest pay raise in the history of the union. Other victories include a $3,000 bonus for essential workers to counter inflation, 100 percent employer-paid healthcare, and protection of sick leave and paid vacation time. The deal must still be approved by 32BJ members, but the agreement guarantees workers will show up to work as usual on April 21.
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April 14, 2022

More than 30,000 of NYC’s luxury building workers could go on strike

Tens of thousands of doormen and other residential building service workers in New York City could go on strike if a deal is not reached on a new collective bargaining agreement by April 20. Members of the union 32BJ SEIU on Wednesday voted to authorize the committee to call for a strike if the Realty Advisory Board (RAB) does not create a new contract for the city's 32,000 building workers with fair wage increases and full employer-paid healthcare. The strike authorization followed a rally of nearly 10,000 32BJ SEIU members down Park Avenue.
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