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August 6, 2019

Fabled 242-square-foot West Village ‘Wee Cottage’ is back on the market for $429K

6sqft previously featured this unique West Village studio for its clever design in 2014, when its owners, Jourdan Lawlor and Tobin Ludwig, who bought the charming co-op for a mere $270,000, transformed the 242-square-foot pied-a-terre at 352 West 12th Street into a marvel of brilliant design and space-optimizing solutions. The pair dubbed it “The Wee Cottage” and invested in a renovation that became the stuff of micro-apartment legend (Refinery29 named it the Coolest Tiny Apartment in NYC, and it’s an Instagram favorite). After a spin as a rental, they put their mini-masterpiece on the market last year for $500,000. Now its price has gotten a wee bit smaller, currently asking $429,000 (h/t Curbed).
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June 26, 2018

242-square-foot West Village “Wee Cottage” is asking $550K

6sqft previously featured this unique West Village studio for its clever design back in 2014, when its owners, Jourdan Lawlor and Tobin Ludwig, turned the 242-square-foot pied-a-terre at 352 West 12th Street into a marvel of Swiss Army knife-like usefulness with brilliant design and custom solutions. The pair, who bought the charming co-op for just $270,000, christened it "The Wee Cottage" and invested about $33,000 in a renovation that became the stuff of micro-apartment legend, having been featured in numerous publications and heaped with accolades (Refinery29 named it the Coolest Tiny Apartment in NYC, for example, and it's an Instagram favorite). They rented it out for $3,000 a month in 2016, and now it's for sale asking $500,000.
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November 20, 2017

Townhouse charm, modern design, and a prime location add up to this $825K West Village co-op

This one-bedroom co-op at 352 West 12th Street has exactly the kind of West Village charm–inside and out–that makes the neighborhood one of the city's most sought-after–and makes even its tiniest spaces among the most fought-over. Asking $825,000–in keeping with the neighborhood's complete lack of perspective in the area of real estate value–what's essentially an alcove studio with a privacy-enhancing wall has been blessed with interior design and finishes that make every square foot a joy to behold. It may not "astound with surprises," as the listing offers, but it's a surprisingly chic little flat, two flights up, with a lovely common garden shared the trio of 19th-century townhouses that comprise the co-op.
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June 15, 2016

242-Square-Foot West Village Love Nest Asks $3K/Month

6sqft previously featured this 242-square-foot love nest at 352 West 12th Street, tucked into a dreamy cobblestoned corner of the West Village, as a fine example of brilliant interior design and creative small-space living. The apartment has served as home sweet home for newlywed couple Jourdan and Tobin Ludwig–she works in business development and he's a purveyor of artisanal bitters–who have lived in what they call their "wee cottage" since moving in together six years ago. Jourdan bought the co-op in 2011 for $270,000, and the couple invested $300,000 in a sanity-saving renovation. After spending their "best years in in the city" here, the owners have listed the home for $3,000 a month, reports the Post.
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