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February 22, 2019

Another Manhattan condominium building tries to dump Trump name

The condominium board at 120 Riverside Boulevard announced Thursday that they had voted to remove the "Trump Place" sign from their building's facade, the Washington Post reports. The vote follows a decision last October to remove the Trump Place sign from the nearby condo at 200 Riverside Boulevard. Since Trump was elected president, five New York City buildings have opted to remove the Trump stamp in an expression of displeasure with the former reality show host who got his start here.
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October 18, 2018

Trump name finally gets dumped from Upper West Side apartment building at residents’ request

In May, after a year of resistance from the Trump Organization, a judge ruled that an Upper West Side condo could have the president’s name expunged from the exterior of their 46-story building. Condo owners at 200 Riverside Boulevard voted to remove the bronze letters spelling “TRUMP” on the building, where they have hung for nearly two decades. Today they get their wish as their building joins three neighboring ones in dumping the Trump sign, the New York Times reports. Workers will remove the offending letters from the front and rear facades of 200 Riverside Boulevard; the building will become known merely by its address, like so many others in the city.
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May 3, 2018

Judge rules Upper West Side condo can remove Trump’s name from its building

Photo via Nick Normal’s Flickr Following year-long resistance from the Trump Organization, a judge ruled on Thursday that an Upper West Side condo could remove the president's name from the exterior of the 46-story building, according to the New York Times. Condo owners at 200 Riverside Boulevard will now be able to vote on whether to keep or remove the bronze letters spelling "TRUMP" on the building, where they have hung for nearly two decades. The ruling comes after board members at Trump Place asked a judge in January to issue a declaratory judgment that the condo has the right to either keep or remove the letters without violating its licensing agreement. On Thursday, Justice Eileen Bransten said removing letters does not violate the agreement.
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April 24, 2018

Trump Organization will fight ‘rogue individuals’ who want the president’s name shed from UWS condo

In February of 2017, residents of Trump Place at 200 Riverside Boulevard voted to remove "TRUMP" from the condo building's exterior. Neighboring buildings found at 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Boulevard had already successfully removed his name, following a petition with hundreds of signatures. However, the 48-story condo at Trump Place, located on the Upper West Side, has not moved forward with the removal of the president's name because the Trump Organization threatened to sue. In response to this threat, board members in January asked a judge to issue a declaratory judgment that the condo has the right to either keep or remove the letters without violating its licensing agreement. The president's son, Eric Trump, who serves as a trustee of the organization, promised on Monday to "fight vehemently against rogue individuals" who want to remove the name (h/t West Side Rag).
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January 11, 2018

In heated legal battle, condo board says it has the right to remove Trump’s name

While never especially popular in his hometown, President Donald Trump's approval in New York City dropped even more so after his election. His unpopularity among New Yorkers has taken a toll on his real estate empire: both average sales price and the average price per square footage at the 11 Trump-branded condos fell below the average in this area for the first time ever. And some residents living in condos that bear the president's name have started petitions to remove Trump from the building's exterior. At one 48-story luxury building on the Upper West Side, residents are debating whether or not to remove his name. The condo board at 200 Riverside Boulevard, or "Trump Place," now potentially faces a lawsuit from DJT Holdings, a company owned by Trump, for seeking to remove the name, the New York Post reported.
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September 16, 2015

Actress Kathleen Turner Sells Trump Place Condo for $3.8M

You know you're a star when you have a neon sign of your name hanging above your desk. The great actress, activist, and stage director Kathleen Turner has parted ways with her 200 Riverside Boulevard condo, selling it for $3.8 million according to city records released today. Turner bought the Trump Place pad in 2003 for $2.3 million. The three-bedroom, 2,086-square-foot Upper West Side home offers incredible views of Central Park, the Hudson River, and Manhattan skyline. A special feature is the custom solid cherry wood doors and cherry wood built-ins throughout. And while we love Ms. Turner on the stage and in film, we must admit we're not quite as impressed with her design aesthetic.
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