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Louver Condominium

91-93 Metropolitan Avenue
Condo in Williamsburg
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August 28, 2014

Leroy Street Studio’s Louver House is a Contemporary Interpretation of the Traditional Barn

Leroy Street Studio was tasked with creating a contemporary Long Island home that responded to their client's passion for barns. The firm infused traditional barn qualities like spacious rooms and repetitive timber frames into the project, while developing a modern structure that was sensitive to its adjacent corn field and close proximity to the ocean. The client also has an affinity for woodworking and asked the architects to build a woodshop on the site. To meet the challenge, several external buildings and interior gardens were added to the plan, creating a separation of space under a unified whole. The result is the Louver House, named for its exterior skin comprised of a series of louvers that let plenty of natural light in while still maintaining privacy. They also create a stunning effect at night, when interior light cascades onto the many outdoor spaces.
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