Recipe Store

October 29, 2014

Crowdfunded MAID Microwave Suggests Meals Based on Your Eating and Fitness Habits

That line about New Yorkers using their ovens as shoe storage is getting pretty old (thanks Sex and the City), but a new smart microwave may just make it viable to ditch the stove for good. Called MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes), the product is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter by creator SectorQube, and not only can it perfectly nuke your meals, but it can suggest what dishes you'll like based on your cooking habits and fitness. MAID is 1.3 cubic feet and provides access to a crowdsourced recipe store, gesture and voice commands, and a smartphone app that will alert you when dinner's up. The recommendation feature, definitely the highlight of the product, will offer meal options to complement your diet as well as suggest a run if you just indulged in a 2,000-calorie, carb-loaded pizza.
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