Improv Everywhere

January 8, 2016

Spotlight: Charlie Todd Gets New Yorkers to Ride the Subway Without Pants

Come winter, many germ-conscious New Yorkers are glad for the opportunity to wear gloves while holding subway poles. However, for a distinct group in the city, cold weather is a chance to engage with the subway in a very unexpected way: by forgoing pants and participating in the annual No Pants Subway Ride. The visionary behind this event is Charlie Todd, the founder of the performance group Improv Everywhere. His first pantless ride was an improv performance in 2002 with himself and six friends. Today, Charlie is at the helm of a yearly gathering where up to 4,000 New Yorkers –from young parents with their newborn baby to a grandmother with her granddaughter–bring joy, humor, and uncertainty to their fellow subway riders by enjoying a commute in their undergarments. On the eve of the 15th annual No Pants Subway Ride this Sunday, 6sqft spoke with Charlie about the lure of riding the subway without pants and what keeps him motivated each year.
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January 6, 2016

Art Nerd New York’s Top Event Picks for the Week – 1/7-1/13

In a city where hundreds of interesting happenings occur each week, it can be hard to pick and choose your way to a fulfilling life. Art Nerd‘s philosophy is a combination of observation, participation, education and of course a party to create the ultimate well-rounded week. Jump ahead for Art Nerd founder Lori Zimmer’s top picks for 6sqft readers! The now-appropriate temperatures don't mean you have to hunker down inside to kick off 2016. Each night this month, check out iconic artist Laurie Anderson's tribute to dogs in Times Square. Whitehot Magazine's Noah Becker turns on his curatorial eye for a group show at Berry Campbell, and famed photographer Ricky Powell partners with some nouveau street artists for an exhibition of collaboration. Experience the ghosts of Christmas trees past at Michael Neff's Suspended Forest exhibition in Queens, or explore the ideology behind pleasure with Katya Grokhovsky. Learn something new with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair at the Morbid Anatomy museum, or with the work of the late Charles Bukowski at Cornelia Street Cafe. Finish the weekend off by challenging yourself to be your most daring during the 15th Annual No Pants Subway Ride.
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