Gas Station

December 9, 2014

Daily Link Fix: Mapping Manhattan’s Disappearing Gas Stations; A Proposal to Reduce City Lights Kept On at Night

Looking for the ultimate NYC-themed holiday gift? The CityStore sells quirky urban treasures like manhole cover floor mats and FDNY dog coats. [Daily News] Check out this Greek Revival Sag Harbor home, filled with whimsical touches and seaside décor. [Domaine] Here’s a fun map of all the remaining gas stations in Manhattan. [Untapped] A City […]

June 27, 2014

90 Years Later, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fuel Station Finally Built in Buffalo, NY

Filling up the ole' gas tank is not a glamorous job, and usually not a task that leaves one marveling at the surrounding architecture.  But in 1927, Prairie-style extraordinaire Frank Lloyd Wright put together plans for a fuel filling station in Buffalo, New York that would leave even the most seasoned driver awe struck. Now, almost 90 years later, the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum has realized Wright's vision and constructed the station as a one-of-a-kind installation housed in a 40,000-square-foot glass and steel atrium, made possible by a $6.3 million state grant. The arts-and-crafts gas station, the third Wright recreation in Buffalo, makes a nod to Native American design and thoughtfully mixes practicality with visual appeal.
Take a virtual tour of the architectural masterpiece