August 9, 2021

CityMD reinstates virtual line for Covid testing as virus cases in NYC continue to rise

Back in December 2020, CityMD instituted a "virtual line" for people seeking Covid-19 tests, which allowed patients to check-in at the front desk and then receive a text when their time was close. The move came in response to complaints about hours-long lines as New Yorkers rushed to get tested before the holidays. Now, with the Delta variant causing a steep rise in cases across New York City, CityMD announced that today it would be reinstituting the virtual line, a stark reminder that the pandemic is not yet over.
November 13, 2020

As New Yorkers face increasingly long lines for COVID-19 tests, CityMD cuts hours

In an email to its customers today, CityMD acknowledged that "long lines are a daily fact at nearly every CityMD as we see a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases across the region." They go on to say that their staff and doctors have been seeing patients well after closing time for months now, reaching "the point where they are sacrificing their own safety and health." Therefore, all locations will begin closing 90 minutes earlier. These long lines have become a grim reminder for New Yorkers that a second wave seems imminent.