Architectural Neuroscience

November 12, 2014

Your Brain on Architecture: Neuroscientific Proof That Design Matters

If there were ever a case to hire an architect and not skimp on design, a new study revealing that certain styles of architecture can have a measurable effect on one's mental state might be a good foundation. The new research, conducted by a team of architects and neuroscientists, uses a fMRI to capture the effects of architecture on the brains of a set of subjects as they thumb through images of "contemplative architecture" such as churches and temples. The fact that architecture can have an impact on well-being may be a "duh" conclusion to you, but for most it is not. And this architectural neuroscience team is making it their goal to turn the way in which individuals experience slight nuances in our built environment into scientific observations that can be applied to the design of buildings and urban planning.
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