December 15, 2017

Calculate holiday tips for your doorman with this helpful ‘tip-o-meter’

Not sure how much to tip your doorman this holiday season? Triplemint has released its very own, first-of-its-kind "Holiday Doorman Tip-O-Meter" to dynamically calculate exactly how much tip you should give. With six quick questions (ranging from your building size to how generous a tipper you are), the Tip-O-Meter immediately generates a minimum-maximum tip range suggestion. The program's algorithm is based on data collected from surveys conducted on over 100 NYC doormen in major neighborhoods in Manhattan. NYC doormen were asked: How much do you recommend you give residents this year (based on apartment size Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom +)? Do you expect More/Same/Less than last year? And what is the size of your building?
Tips on tipping this way
December 5, 2016

A guide to tipping building staff during the holidays

Every December, building staff across the city leave seasonal cards under residents’ doors. If you’re new to life in a full-service building, don’t be fooled—this card is not simply a chance for staff to extend holiday cheer to you and your family. These cards, which usually arrive in the first week of December and list […]

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