Marble House

November 26, 2014

Channel Your Inner Olympian in the Marble House Lap Pool for $18.95M

This sumptuous maisonette mansion in the American Express Carriage House appears to have had quite a time of it on the market over the past few years. It was listed earlier this year, merely a year and a half after selling in 2013, and now it’s back with the exact same $18.95 million price tag. That’s nothing if not persistent. The overlooked parcel in question is a 9,300-square-foot triplex with a 44-foot lap pool and a sauna, among other things. The unit was designed by its former owner Stuart Parr, who christened it the Marble House, presumably for its abundance of, well, marble. Whether prospective buyers will find the pad worthy of $2,038-per-square-foot has yet to be determined, but until then let’s take a moment to gawk at the sheer enormity and extravagance of the space.
Take a tour inside