November 18, 2015

Compare Dubai’s Most Expensive Penthouse to New York City’s

Playing the real estate comparison game is always fun, and more often than not, pinning New York prices against any other city will bring you to much bigger and more luxurious spaces. But here's a real estate showdown that might lead you to shrug off that usual urge to say "But it's not New York!" when you try to justify the city's outrageous prices. Word has it that Dubai's most expensive penthouse is now up on the market for a whopping $74.5 million. The sprawling pad (really a compound-like construction) comes with over 43,000 square feet and is steeped in private amenities. Now compare this to NYC's current title-holder for most expensive home—the $100 million penthouse at One57—and you've got a real estate death match in a league of its own.
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