Halloween 313

October 31, 2014

New Yorker Spotlight: Behind the Scenes and Screams with Clinton Hill’s Halloween Queen, Janna Kennedy Hyten

When Janna Kennedy Hyten was growing up in rural Florida, she probably never envisioned the crowds that would one day gather outside her Brooklyn home for Halloween 313. At the time, Janna's physical world was small, but her imagination was large and primed to create the wonder, joy, and gore necessary to captivate thousands of children each Halloween. Halloween 313 began 20 years ago when Janna opened her home at 313 Clinton Avenue to Clinton Hill's children. Over the last two decades, what began as elaborate Halloween decorations on the home's exterior, developed into an annual, full-fledged, front yard production with fun names and storylines like "Grimm Scary Tale," "Pirates of the Scarebbean, The Curse of the White Pearl," and "20,000 Screams Under the Sea." We recently spoke with Janna to find out more about the woman and home behind Halloween 313.
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